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Note: These tips are especially for those already having or developing problems with sleep but can apply to anyone in general seeking to promote healthy sleep.

1. Early evening exercise can aid with sleep. Do the exercise between 4 and 6 pm, and then take a lukewarm bath about 30 minutes after.

2. Go to bed when sleepy. Do not go and lay in bed waiting for the sleep to come. This is especially so for those who already have problems with sleep.

3. Remove all reminders of time from the bedroom

4. Use the bed for sleep (and sex if of age) only. Avoid engaging in stimulating activities while lying in bed, such as playing games on the phone, reading something exciting, etc

5. Avoid late heavy meals. A light night snack may not be bad, like crackers

6. Avoid stimulants like coffee, energy drinks, late at night

7. Try and keep a regular sleep and waking schedule, where you retire to bed and rise up at about the same time each day.

8. Avoid non-prescribed sleeping pills because you can get dependent on them and then worsen your sleep problem.

9. You can engage in a monotonous activity outside of the bedroom in preparation for sleep, such as reading something you do not particularly find interesting.

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