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Mama Aré the Victim???

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The World Health Orgainsation has designated September 10 as World Suicide Prevention Day.Globally, it is estimated that 800,000 people commit suicide every year; that means 1 person takes their life every 40 seconds somewhere in the world and many more attempt suicide! When a suicidal death occurs, it has a devastating and far-reaching effect on families,friends and communities and this continues for a long time after the person dear to them has taken their own life.

Thinking about suicide and its victims, sometimes, I wonder why we always feel that suicide is sudden and unexpected when in most cases, the signs had  been there for all to see. When people die by suicide we express shock and seek reasons for such actions.

Such was the case of Mama Are, a 62-year old retired widow with six well-educated and caring children. Tenyears ago, she had been rushed to the emergency room after taking two cups of a mix of weed-killer and kerosene. Her children wondered why she carried out the act, other relatives wondered same, as did her neighbours, the emergency room staff and of course,the spectators. We all wondered about this ominous act.The question on our lips was “Why would Mama Are go to such extreme? Why? Why?”

Like regular Nigerian perplexed and confused “wonderers”, we had to ascertain the reason for the event and so we probed for more information.

Apparently, Mama had been complaining of not been happy and not enjoying life for about eight monthsprior the incident; this was surprising because things had been going on well with her and her family. She often told her children she felt like dying and had commented that she would welcome death numerous times; however, the response of her family was usually something like……."Heeee! Haaaa! How can you wish a moving trailer should hit you? Why would you wish to sleep and not wake up? Mummy you need deliverance, plus serious fasting and prayers."

Mama did all these and more, but the bad thoughts did not stop. Her children blamed her for saying such terrible things, but the thoughts didn't stop. They forbade her from speaking them out; even thinking them. They bought her nice things, renovated her house, spent more time with her and brought her to live with them so as to keep her company and make her happy; they hoped all these would put an end to such thought. Alas! The thoughts did not abate. She continued to live in her drowning darkness and blithering fears till she could not bear it no more.

On a beautiful Sunday morning, when everyone thought she had gone to church, Mama Are sneaked back home and drank the mix she had hidden in the house for two months. She was found semiconscious after service ended three hours later; she was rushed to the emergency room where several attempts were made to resuscitate her, but she died within nine hours of hospital admission. What a loss! What a tragedy!

This was an unfortunate end to the life of a wom