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LUTH leads awareness project to curtail suicide

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

To commemorate the world health day, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH)-Suicide Research and Prevention Initiative (SURPI) in collaboration with Medical and Dental Council Association of Nigeria (MDCN) and Association of Psychiatrist of Nigeria (APN) have continued to raise awareness on how depression can be curtailed so as to avert increasing cases of suicide.

Consultant Psychiatrist Yaba, Dr. Taiwo Akindipe, in his remark said depression is an illness that is treatable, it is not due to weakness, and it is not something you can wish away and it is important to know at what time you will draw the line.

Consultant Psychiatrist Yaba, Dr. Taiwo Akindipe

"When we look at depression, it is something related to mood. We have range of emotions fluctuate. It is normal to feel sad, but how do you know depression is about to set in. Core symptoms of depression involve"

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