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Coping with Covid -19 Pandemic

Covid -19 or Corona virus infection is a novel disease caused by the SARs-CoV -2 virus. It is an outbreak of infectious disease which is currently unfolding and whose characteristic are evolving. It has spread across the world and has been labeled a public health concern. Because it is a new and unfamiliar disease associated with a lot of uncertainty.

Many people are experiencing emotional distress and anxiety. Many people have never dealt with a pandemic in their lifetime. The pandemic would impact on people's mental and physical wellbeing because of associated fear of catching the virus and the varied consequences, worry about finances and job security, disruption in routine such as having to work at home, having to combine this with child care. Many people would have to learn new coping skills as strategies that they have used to deal with stressful situations in the past may become inadequate to deal with the challenges and needs during this pandemic. As a lot of people would be dealing with stress at this point in time, it is important that each of us learn to take proper care of ourselves. If we leave our needs unattended to, it would compromise our ability to help so many others around us. Here are a few practical tips that we can use to help us.

  • We must ensure we take necessary steps to protect ourselves and loved ones. We need to stay updated with reliable and trusted information while avoiding over exposure to anxiety generating information. We need to limit watching, reading or reading about the virus by setting aside a certain period for getting information from sources like the Nigerian center for disease control (NCDC) or World Health Organization (WHO) websites. Avoid upsetting information and try not to engage in forwarding or spreading information that may be false or upsetting to others.

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