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2019 World Suicide Day Prevention (WSPD) Global Activities

The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) released its news bulletin this February with a focus on global activities to mark the 2019 World Suicide Prevention Day. It was a day for '40 seconds of action' to bring attention to the fact that global statistics show that every 40 seconds someone, somewhere in the world has just lost their lives to suicide amassing to almost 800,000 deaths by suicide annually.

Different countries marked the day with several activities including

  • There were over 135 WSPD activities in 46 countries

  • Banners were created in 70 languages ( Nigerian Banners below)

And Nigeria wasn't left out. Check out IASP's Bulletin here, to see Nigeria's contribution to the 2019 WSPD and watch out for SURPIN activities on page 10.

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